Where Are Custom Silicone Tubes Commonly Used In Vehicles | PASSIONHOSE

”PASSIONHOSE custom silicone tube always performs excellent in vehicles for its high temperature resistance and good aging resistance, and the main reason for its high performance is that our factory uses high-quality silicone raw materials. And our technical team with over 18 years will support you in any kind of custom silicone tube”

Custom silicone tubes are widely used in Vehicles due to their excellent heat resistance, durability, and flexibility. In this article, we will show you guys where are custom silicone tubes commonly used in vehicles.

1. Turbocharger System

The turbocharge tube is to connect the air filter box to the throttle body, which can better withstand the heat generated by the engine.

2. Air Intake System

The air intake system has a huge amount of heat and pressure while the silicone tubes in it connect to the inter-cooler. So our custom air intake silicone tube performance excellent in both high temperature and pressure resistance.

3. Vacuum Lines

The silicone hose is used for vacuum lines that control various components in the engine, such as the brake booster, EGR valve, and PCV system. Their flexibility and resistance to vacuum pressure make them ideal for these applications.

4. Breather Line

The silicone hose serves in the engine’s breather system. While it is to allow gases to escape. But it needs to withstand both heat and chemical exposure.

5. Heating System

The silicone hose in the heating system is to carry hot coolant to the heater core. While here it provides warmth to the cabin.

All PassionHose’s tubes are handmade to the highest standards by our team of highly skilled staff. Our custom silicone tubes only use the finest silicone base compounds, pigments, and reinforcement fabrics to produce all tubes. And because we manufacture them by hand, we are able to tailor them to your exact requirements. Whether you need a tube customized with Nomex, fluorosilicone or need a certain thickness, we are your reliable partner, a team dedicated to proven performance and complete peace of mind. Welcome to send your inquiry and we are open to discuss all your special requirements.

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