Hangzhou Paishun Automotive Silicone Hose Kit: 20 Years of Experience, Forging Excellence

Today, Hangzhou Paishun, a leading automotive parts manufacturer with 20 years of experience in producing automotive silicone hoses, proudly launches its flagship product: the Automotive Silicone Hose Kit. This kit is specifically designed to meet the demanding requirements of modern automotive engines, significantly improving vehicle performance and reliability.

Five Core Advantages of Hangzhou Paishun Automotive Silicone Hose Kit:

1. Leading Technology, Rich Experience

Hangzhou Paishun has been deeply plowing into the automotive silicone hose field for 20 years. We have accumulated rich industry knowledge and experience, and we are experts in automotive silicone hoses.

2. Extensive Product Line, Meeting Diverse Needs

With over 5,000 automotive and motorcycle silicone hose molds, it can produce over 4,000 different specifications of silicone hoses, with a rich and complete product line to meet the needs of different customers.

3. Excellent Quality, Reliable and Durable

Made of high-quality silicone materials and with a strict quality control system, it ensures the product quality is stable and reliable.

4. Superior Performance, Wide Application

Withstand high pressure and high temperature, ensure the normal operation of the engine, improve the fuel efficiency and power output of the vehicle, and extend the service life of the engine. It suits various vehicle models, including passenger cars, commercial vehicles, and heavy trucks.

5. Win-win Cooperation, Creating the Future

Hangzhou Paishun has established long-term cooperative relationships with many host factories, providing them with high-quality automotive silicone hose products.

Compared with the original EPDM hose, the Hangzhou Paishun Automotive Silicone Hose Kit has the following advantages:

Longer service life: The service life is 2-3 times that of an EPDM hose, which can effectively reduce vehicle maintenance costs.

More high temperature resistant: It can withstand high temperatures up to 200℃, while the maximum temperature resistance of an EPDM hose is only 150℃.

Meet more high-demand situations: It has good oil resistance, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, and other properties, and can meet more high-demand situations.

The Hangzhou Paishun Automotive Silicone Hose Kit meets and exceeds the original factory quality, providing customers with a more reliable and durable option.

  • Technical Details
  • Future Vision

Hangzhou Paishun’s products include automotive silicone hoses, rubber hoses, seals, and other automotive parts.

Hangzhou Paishun will continue to be committed to the R&D and innovation of automotive products, and continuously launch higher quality and higher performance products to provide customers with better services.

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