Elbow Silicone Rubber Flexible Coolant Hose For Car

Silicone Hose Kit

PASSION’s silicone hose product line is used in coolant and high-temperature applications. This hose is available for turbo and charge air coolers in straight and formed engine hoses.

Additional information


Polyester, Aramid

Wall Thickness

4mm, 4.5mm, 5mm, or as request


Blue, Red, Black, Green, Inner Red+Outer Blue, etc


-40℃ to 250℃(-40℉ to 482℉)

Product Details:


High-Performance Factory Elbow Silicone Rubber Flexible Coolant Hose For Car

•Vehicles with diesel engine

•For use in high-vibration, hot, and cold air aspiration units

Operating Temperatures

•Polyester braid reinforced: -54℃ to +220℃ (-65℉ to 428℉)

•Aramid braid reinforced: -54℃ to +260℃ (-65℉ to 500℉)


For air/water, fuel/oil    

For fuel and oil use, the hose needs to be used with stainless steel tubes and clamps  

Color: Blue, Red, Black, etc. (Inner lining can adopt different colors)

Wall Thickness: 4mm, 4.5mm, 5mm, or as requested

Size Tolerance: ID<4″, ± 0.5mm; ID>4″, ± 1mm

Surface: Smooth or Cloth

LOGO: PASSION, or as request

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