PASSION will be closed during 7th-June to 9th-June, for Dragon Boat Festival.

Dragon Boat Festival, which comes on May 5 on the lunar calendar – June 7 this year on the Western calendar – is a traditional festival in China to commemorate the ancient poet Qu Yuan, who committed suicide out of love for his country.

Qu Yuan is a cultural figure in China. His story is deeply rooted among the people thanks to the historical records written by Sima Qian. The legends of the Dragon Boat Festival vary from place to place. Ancient Chinese documents record many legends. Apart from the well-known Qu Yuan, there are actually more than 20 figures relating to this festival. It is very different across the country.

There are 56 ethnic groups in China, 55 of them are ethnic minorities, while 26 are ethnic minorities; all celebrating the festival.

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